Mining Operations Management

Mining operations is a very complex operation which requires careful planning, monitoring and execution. This demands continuous monitoring, regular feedback and a very tight interaction with respective stake holders across functions.

Device Commcepts focuses on key operation parameters to develop a comprehensive end to end mining operations management solution with attention to increased production, safety, visibility, control, compliance and reporting. The solution provides the stake holders with complete visibility of mining operations with real-time updates and alerts that support quick and accurate decision making and keep the entire operations in check in this dynamic environment.

  • Production data in tonnage on real time basis
  • No of trips for coal
  • Number of trips for OB
  • Average time taken for each trip – Coal & OB
  • Estimated production expected for the day, considering the current rate of production
  • Traffic movement visibility on the user interface
  • Two way voice communication from the control room to the HEMM operators to optimize production and reduce idle time/waiting time
  • Real-time alerts based on predetermined thresholds
  • Calculation of Excavator-Dumper cycle time
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple other user defined mining KPIs

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