Why Device Commcepts?

We understand the complex M2M/IoT ecosystem and we also understand the challenges and hunger of businesses for improving efficiency, productivity through better insights of their operations. Device Commcepts with our unique blende of skillsets that spans across industries connect,extract and communicate data from machines and assets to the internet that is critical for better decision making.

Connected Machines
We connect machines to the internet, with connected machines you get real-time updates of the machines and asset and its performance from any location to any location, anytime and every time. Reduce your dependency on the manual and unverified data.

Business Insights
Take the benefit of that data which no one had access to anytime before, manage the business they way it was never managed before; overhaul business operations, streamline or change processes.

Informed Decision Making
We power decisions based on useful and accurate data, create impact with differential offerings that take the organisation closer to customers, delivering values, ROI and payback.

Our Capabilities
  • Device identification and hardware integration
  • Data extraction and communication
  • Data management
  • Manage wireless device provisioning, deployment and updating
  • Secure remote access to control and manage assets
  • Customized reporting and analytics

We understand the M2M/IoT ecosystem better and strive to deliver solutions which are specific to our client’s requirement and addresses their business challenges directly, our solutions fits across all industry verticals.

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