Temperature Controlled Logistics

Pharmaceutical products, dairy products, processed foods meat and flowers demand a low storage temperature and a very short shelf life, given this constraint it becomes extremely important to the manufactures and producers of these products to manage the supply chain efficiently as variations in the temperature mean characteristic changes in the product which could prove detrimental to the organisation.

With increasing volumes of these products being delivered, there is an increased pressure on the supply chain and backend departments to deliver products in time and in desired temperatures so that these products retain their value and have sufficient shelf life for retail trade and consumers.

Device Commcept's temperature controlled logistics solution is based on M2M/IoT technology. Temperature and humidity sensors along with GPS units would be deployed in each vehicle and at critical stages like warehouses and redistribution nodes down the supply chain, data is captured from these devices at consistent intervals and communicated through GPRS gateway to our cloud and accessed centrally from one location. Businesses can monitor their stocks through the entire supply chain and take critical decisions at the right time to maintain the required temperature so that the product does not lose its characteristics.

Key Benefits:
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Supports quick action
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Minimize wastages
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Real-time alerts

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